Question about rhythm

This might be a dumb question but I often find myself struggling with the basics of rhythm and Google is not very helpful with this kind of thing.

i have a very simple melody fragment that I think is in 3/4 time and that is how I have laid it out in my DAW (Logic Pro). I have attached an image of the notation as well as an MP3 file.

This melody seems to fit the 3/4 pattern (emphasis on first of three beats) fine up until the twelfth measure where the emphasis falls on the third beat and stays there until the end. I have fiddled with some of the note lengths to try to get the last few measures to fall into line with the rest, but it never sounds correct when I do that. The melody sounds right to me as it is, but I'm puzzled by how it doesn't fit the "grid".

I'm hoping that one of you can help me understand what (if anything) is going on here.

Thank you.

Melody 1.mp3

melody 1 notation.png

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  • It seems to work ok. Allowing for the absence of a strong beat in bar 1 I can count 3 throughout and it makes sense.

    Will there be an accompaniment? If so would you accentuate the strong beats?

    The phrase that starts in the third beat in bar 12 mimics what happens half a beat in at bar 5. Would it sound more 3/4 if that second phrase matched the one in bar 5? It would mean starting bar 13 on the E (as is the first beat of bar 5) then repeating that phrase by pushing the music along by 1 1/2 beats until the cadence (and losing the syncopation)? That would also mean filling the gap in bar 12 somehow. Several solutions seem possible but it depends if you can somehow emphasise the strong beats. 

    But as I see it, it works. 

  • Thank you, yet again, Dane.

    I do plan accompaniment--I was in the process of thinking about that when i realized the inconsistency in the way the beats lined up with the bars.

    "filling the gap in bar 12" is precisely the thing that stumps me. If I could do that, everything lines up the rest of the way . As I mentioned, I tried alternate patterns to fill it but nothing seemed to flow as naturally as the original. So I was left thinking that something was wrong somewhere. It doesn't sound wrong to me, but it seems "messy" to finish with the primary beats off the mark.

    I tried making the second phrase identical to the one at bar 5, but that doesn't seem to have any appreciable affect––at least to me. And I do like the fact that it is varied slightly the second time around.

    Since I am mostly pleased with how it sounds, maybe I should just go forward with it, ignore the messiness and, as you say, try to emphasize the strong beats… wherever they fall.

    Thanks again for your insights.

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