Puppy love

I was, honestly, trying to find how to upload a piece for discussion, without any success.

This is not the place I see to do so, but I try it anyway. 

On the page where you are asking for critics, shoul be a short instruction for upload. 

I admitt that at 94 I am not smart enough to find my way around here.


Puppy love is written for boy's choir, mixed choir and a harp and intents to remind us of childhood pure liking or loving an other person.



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  •  Hi Ted,

    Your piece is pleasant and reminiscent of childhood as you intended. Nicely done!

    The way you got the file to us is perfectly fine and you can do it again this in the future if you like. You can also post here and sorry you had difficulty doing so. If you want instructions how to do so, reply in the affirmative and I will post in response.

    Site Manager

  • A beautiful wordless song.

    Very pleaant to listen to. 


  •  Hi Ted,

    Pretty! Tranquillity at its beautiful best...

    Its as if it looks so nice from where you stand.

    Thank you for the encouragement.


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