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Want to ask you for any good classical music publishing companies that are interested in publishing new composers,if you could forward me to their web pages,or give me contact details,would be much appreciated!No matter of the country they are based and operating in!

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  • Their are TONS out there, however getting them to publish you is a whole other can of worms

    Boosey & Hawks is one of the big ones, but they only publish really famous composers.

    Hal Leonard is another big one but again only big time composers

    Same goes for JW pepper, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Alfred Music Publishing 

    Here is a list of most of the BIG ones:



    Small publishers might be your best bet for now. Companies such as Brassworks 4 Publishing is a small one and I know a few composers and fellow colleagues that have been published by them. 

    Their are a few others that are small but I can not think of their names at the moment.


    However, most companies are hitting hard times in this economic crisis and many are not taking risk on new composers. Not to mention, a lot of them are out of touch with technology and are falling behind. They will also not do any promotional stuff like they did before, so getting published isnt a guaranty anymore of getting people to buy your music. One of the best ways to publish your music is to go into self publishing. You can keep all the profits, control the copyrights, and do all your own self promotion. 

  • I know it's quite hard to get a decent publisher nowadays,especially if you're not an established composer!Big companies won't even listen to unsolicited material,they just want the composer to be presented by a manager they know,and then maybe they'll pay a bit of attention,but just maybe!Wanted to know if you have a list of mid-range publishing companies and publishers,if you could forward it to me to try my luck,would be much appreciated!I'm talking about publishers that are more orientated for classical like compositions and composers,that are publishing printed sheet music etc. 
  • It has been said in different ways in the comments here but a publisher will only be interested in you when you are big enough not to need them.  Publishers also get a big royalty so the case for self-publishing has become compelling for those of us toiling in the outer darkness.


    You can create a website that will host your music MP3 realizations and you can post the .pdf scores - and this costs very little, less than $50/year including your own domain name.  I use Wordpress and it is very easy.  You will have to do your own promotion, but at least your work will be out there for anyone interested... 



  • I agree with the previous posts about self-publishing.  It is a good way not only to get published, but also to network personally, get deep into good notation practices, and have more control over your work.  I recommend getting a publisher account for your PRO (I have composer and publisher ASCAP accounts), getting to know your notation software really well (so that you can make beautiful scores that players won't mind playing), and as said in other replies, get performances, recordings, and a website of sorts.  Things are very grass-roots today (at least when one is getting started), and self-publishing can be a great way to get involved and interacting with the musical community as well as getting your work published.
  • www.brsmusic.net


    Check them out.



    Welcome to BRS Music, Inc. New Band Music, Music for Solo and Ensemble, flute choir music, new comp…
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