• Hi Brandon,

    I listened to it twice. The first thing that struck me, which I confirmed on my second listen, is that the piece does not sound like saxophones. Perhaps this is a misperception on my part. Mostly I know the sax from the world of jazz, and maybe it comes across differently in a classical setting. But I wonder if it has something to do with whatever you are using to produce the sound.

    If I were to offer one overall comment on it as a composition, it is that the piece sound-range is restricted to a narrow band - it moves along at largely the same volume, with highs that are not very high above that and not any really low lows either. This for me caused it to seem somewhat undifferentiated from beginning to end and eventually my interest started to lessen. It also moves along at a single-pace (never getting faster or slower) and for the same reason, this affected my interest.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • I actually found this work fascinating and very atmospheric. I can't think of anything else which is similar. However, NotePerformer is not known for its saxophones and I'd certainly think about investing in a dedicated sax library if you're really interested in using these instruments. In the louder passages, I found the scoring rather congested with too many doublings though this is partly due to the rather undifferentiated NP sound, I suspect.

    • Yeah i really just use the software for the large ensemble playback. This just happened to be a sax only fcommission. 

  • Hi Brandon!

    Really loved this piece. The opening with the percs before the Sax ensemble came in is wonderful, especially with the tension. The solo alto is like then trying to make a statement, together with the perc, with a combi of calm and busy. Really liked the theme building in the middle. I just wish the score could be made a lil bit bigger, but that would compromise the display for the overal instruments. Thanks for sharing!


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