Hello colleagues, I am proposing the following contest: write a two part invention, any instrumentation, time limit 3 minutes. As I have done for contests in the past, I would ask the contestant to submit the entries to me and I will post them anonymously for the members of this site to vote on. I will host this contest if if 5 members commit to participate by Dec 31st. That is not the date I need a submission, only the date by which I need 5 of you to say you will participate. If I get 5 commitments, the contest is a go.

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  • Hi Gav:

    I'd be willing to commit...

  • Thanks Robert! That's 1 commitment, 4 more are needed for the contest to be a go

  • Thanks Oliver! 2 in, we need 3 more for the contest to be a go

  • Hi Gav, this sounds like an interesting challenge and something new to try.           have you decided on the overall time frame ?(when are they due IN)

               at the moment I'm a definate maybe.......RS

  • Hi Roger, I was thinking the timeframe would be around 2 months.

  • Thanks Fredrick! That's 3 commitments, we need 2 more for the contest to be a go

  • Count me in!  Thanks for running another contest!

  • Thanks Chris! That's 4, if we get 1 more, the contest is a go!

  • OK  I'll close the deal

  • Thanks Roger, that's 5, so the contest is on! Composers, the deadline to enter this contest is December 31, see OP for details.

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