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Hello Colleagues,

I am proposing the following contest: "Imaginary Machines" - write a piece of music of no more than 3 minutes duration on the concept. You can come up with your own imaginary machine or write anything the name of the contest inspires you to. Any instrumentation. In order for the contest to be a go, at least 10 forum members must commit that they will enter the contest. Judging will be done by the members of this site. The deadline to express interest (but not to submit anything) is 5/5/19 at 5 PM EST. If the contest is a go, there will be about a two-month timeframe to submit your entry. You can express your commitment to join the contest by replying to this message with "I'm in," or you can send me a PM.



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  • Third entry is in, thanks! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • Hi Gav,

    How do I send you a personal message? Thanks! Nancy

  • Hi Nancy, see PM from me -


  • Fourth entry is in, thank you! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • Fifth entry is in, thanks! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • Notes on the contest: After the deadline to submit entries passes, I will post the contest on a new thread and the voting will begin. Voting will be by the members of this site, with about a two week period to vote. Each voter will be asked to select their number 1, 2, and 3 choices. For each #1 vote, I will give the contestant 3 points, for each #2 vote, 2 points, and for each #3 vote, 1 point. Whomever has the most points wins! The top 3 contestants will receive a prize from our store, featuring original artwork by artist Julie Brown, designed specifically for this contest.  Good luck to contestants and if you haven't submitted your entry yet, the deadline is 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST. 


  • Sixth entry is in, thank you! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • Only a short time left to submit your entries! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • Seventh entry is in, thanks! Deadline: 7/5/19 at 5 pm EST

  • The deadline has passed and no more entries will be accepted. The contest will be posted on a new thread later tonight. Good luck to the entrants!

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