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Summer is the hot season and many CF members are running the AC to stay comfortable. The proposed contest is to write a piece which invokes, is inspired by, or uses sound to convey the idea of heat. Any instrumentation, any style is allowed. The piece can be as short as you like, or up to 7 minutes. An mp3 file or link to a specific song on another site is required, and a PDF is strongly desired, but not required. One submission per composer, and voting will be done by the members of this site. I usually give about 2 months for the composition time once the competition starts. Specific details/dates will be provided if enough composers express interest in the contest. You can express interest by either replying to this thread and saying something along the lines of “I’m interested,” or by sending me a PM on this site. If you want to PM me and are not already friends with me, just send me a friend request and I will accept. In order to run the contest, we need to get 10 composers to express interest by July 13th at 10 pm EST.

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All remaining entries are due by Sept. 13 at 10 pm EST. So far we have 10 entries, so this is going to be a great contest! Once the deadline passes, I will put up the voting survey, which will be done by the members of this site. The voting is completely anonymous, and members will have an opportunity to not only vote on, but also comment on the entries. FYI, I work a second shift, so the voting survey will come up either Wednesday or possibly Thursday of this week. I usually allot about a two week period for voting. Thanks to all who have supplied entries so far, and get ready, here it comes!!

Hello all,

The deadline for composers to send their entries to me has passed and the contest is now closed. I have received a lot of large sound files at the last minute. Since they are too large to put on this site, I will be converting them for placement online elsewhere. This can take over an hour per file, so I am not likely to finish this task tonight. I will post an update of my progress before long.

Thanks to all who entered!

Hello all,

I am slowly but surely getting the music files up, it's just taking a while. Once the files are up, that is the bulk of the work and I can put the rest of the contest up fairly quickly. I don't think it will done today. Will post another update on Thursday.

I'm sure you will find the wait to have been worth it.


This contest will begin posting shortly!

The contest has been posted and the voting has begun. Contestants, please check your entries and let me know any issues. The contest is posted here:

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