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Summer is the hot season and many CF members are running the AC to stay comfortable. The proposed contest is to write a piece which invokes, is inspired by, or uses sound to convey the idea of heat. Any instrumentation, any style is allowed. The piece can be as short as you like, or up to 7 minutes. An mp3 file or link to a specific song on another site is required, and a PDF is strongly desired, but not required. One submission per composer, and voting will be done by the members of this site. I usually give about 2 months for the composition time once the competition starts. Specific details/dates will be provided if enough composers express interest in the contest. You can express interest by either replying to this thread and saying something along the lines of “I’m interested,” or by sending me a PM on this site. If you want to PM me and are not already friends with me, just send me a friend request and I will accept. In order to run the contest, we need to get 10 composers to express interest by July 13th at 10 pm EST.

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Serenity, I sent you a ping on the side - Gav

Thanks, RS.  I don't know anything about anyone giving someone their spot.  Nice of you to offer, though.

roger stancill said:

SL, what a coincidence, I have an idea but little time to work on it.

If worse comes to worst, you can have my spot.    RS

4th entry received, thanks! Deadline to submit your entry is Sept. 13th at 10 pm EST

Hi Gav, can I join?  It occurred to me that a piece I'm finishing up may just fit this theme :)
I still need at least a few more days to finish up edits, and once I'm done I need to reconfigure a few things so that the sound is as accurate as possible.  

See side ping to you Lara

A question to the membership, who will be voting on this contest, and also to the composers. I like to do “fun” categories when I run a contest. These categories don’t count towards who wins, that’s why I call them fun. Two I can think of are “hottest piece,” and “best orchestration.” If anyone has any thoughts about other fun categories, please post them here and let’s talk about them!

Boy, that's a tough one. "Heat" was a pretty good idea. How about "fun" (pretty abstract and subjective)? Or maybe "whimsy"? I get a little weary of music that seems intended to evoke the angst of human misery and despair (I am convinced that Curt Kobain ended his own life by depressing himself to death with his own music).

Also, how about a little melody?

Art, what do you think of "Most Whimsical" and "Best Melody"?

Sure. Absolutely!

Thanks Art, those are in!

Fun categories? Hmm, what about...

"Most heated"? :-P  (OK, probably already subsumed under "hottest piece")

"Top 3 heats" (lame pun, I know)

"Most curious interpretation of contest topic"

"Sunniest melody"

"Hottest solo"

How about that?



"Highest temperature"

"Most sultry"

"Most natural"

"Most contemporary"

"Most romantic"

"Best sound"

"Best score (sheet music)"

"Most summer-like"

"Most optimistic"

"Most heroic"


"Best orchestral"

"Best chamber"

P.S. Not sure if I used correct words, please correct me if needed :)

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