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Summer is the hot season and many CF members are running the AC to stay comfortable. The proposed contest is to write a piece which invokes, is inspired by, or uses sound to convey the idea of heat. Any instrumentation, any style is allowed. The piece can be as short as you like, or up to 7 minutes. An mp3 file or link to a specific song on another site is required, and a PDF is strongly desired, but not required. One submission per composer, and voting will be done by the members of this site. I usually give about 2 months for the composition time once the competition starts. Specific details/dates will be provided if enough composers express interest in the contest. You can express interest by either replying to this thread and saying something along the lines of “I’m interested,” or by sending me a PM on this site. If you want to PM me and are not already friends with me, just send me a friend request and I will accept. In order to run the contest, we need to get 10 composers to express interest by July 13th at 10 pm EST.

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Thanks Richard! With Richard, Rudi, Art, Alexey, Thomas, Wesley, H.S., Roger, and Bob, we now have 9 commits, only 1 more is needed for the contest to be a go. Deadline to express interest (but not to produce an entry) is July 13th at 10 pm EST.

What about your entry Gav?   Are you in or out?

Sure Roger! The contest is a go. People can still sign up until July 13 at 10 pm EST

Thanks Filip! we're now up to 11! People can still sign up until July 13 at 10 pm EST

We have an anonymous entrant and are now up to 12 composers participating in the contest! Members can still sign up until July 13 at 10 pm EST

Now that the contest is a go, when will be the submission deadline? Or will that be announced after the signup deadline?

Hi H.S., I usually like to negotiate this with the entrants after the deadline to express interest expires, because sometimes people have busy schedules and I try accommodate this. But generally I like to give a month for people to compose and then run the voting for two weeks after that. Members can still sign up until July 13 at 10 pm EST

Hello colleagues,

Once the deadline to express interest in entering this contest (but not to submit an entry) ends, I will announce the details of the contest, including the deadline to submit your entry. I usually give about a month for contestants to come up with an entry. The preferred method for submitting an entry is to send me an mp3 and a pdf. You can’t do this through CF mail, so if you want to do this, friend me on this site if we are not already friends, and I will accept and supply you with an e-mail address you can send your entry to. It is not required for you to submit an mp3, if you have a youtube/soundcloud/other link, you can send me the link to that privately and I will use that. It is also not required to send a PDF, but it is highly desirable. Voting will be by the members of this site. Deadline to express interest is July 13 at 10 pm EST.

There won't be a score with mine. I don't do Sibelius, and I don't know how to get a my DAW to produce scores, but I'd  be happy to attach all the MIDI regions, so that anybody with Sibelius could produce one. (I doubt that anybody would want to).

Hi Art, all that is required is a soundfile, either an mp3, or something playable on another site

Hi Gav. Can you give 2 months for composing? I will be on vacation without access to pc.

Hi Alexey,

Yes, that is fine, no problem


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