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Hello colleagues,

Composers’ Forum proposes the following contest: write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes in length, any instrumentation, any style, on the theme of “Dancing.” The work does not have to be a dance. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 members must commit to enter the contest. Express interest in the contest by responding to this thread with “I’m in!” The deadline to commit to the contest (but not to submit an entry) is 2/7/20 at 5 pm EST. If there are 10 commits, the contest will be a go.


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I am in :)

First time for me, but count me in! :-)

Thanks, Joël and Stefan, we now have 34 commits!

Thank you, thank you ))) 

Gav Brown said:

Thanks Irina, you are #32! 

Deadline to enter (but not submit an entry) is 2/7/20 at 5 pm EST

I'm in only I have question-

Can you be more specific on exactly what you would expect? This could be anything from DJ dance music to a cultural experience from long ago I guess?

I  wrote a medieval dance tune several years ago. Is modern dance music accepted? Can we enter more than once?

Hi Tim, you're in at #35. There is nothing specific expected, it can be a dance piece or not a dance piece, as long as you compose with the idea of dancing in mind or if you have an already-composed piece which you think fits the idea. It can be a DJ piece as long as it is your own original composition and not sampled from the work of others. Modern dance music is fine. You can enter up to 2 pieces. 

How exactly does one actually enter?  Does one post a piece to this thread or somewhere else?

Entries will be sent to me privately. More details on this soon -

Thanks Gav. 

I would love to try and take part!
Count me in

Hi Óskar, you're in at #36!

I'm in.

Ali R+

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