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Hello colleagues,

Composers’ Forum proposes the following contest: write a piece of music of no more than 2 minutes in length, any instrumentation, any style, on the theme of “Dancing.” The work does not have to be a dance. In order for this contest to be a go, 10 members must commit to enter the contest. Express interest in the contest by responding to this thread with “I’m in!” The deadline to commit to the contest (but not to submit an entry) is 2/7/20 at 5 pm EST. If there are 10 commits, the contest will be a go.


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Im in

I'm In.

I’m in

I'm in

I'm in.


I'm in.

Count me in. It's months since I've created a new piece. Will enjoy the focus.

P.s. it's good to be back..

With 12 new commits, we are up to 15, so the contest is a go! Please note that the commit period is still open until 2/7/20 at 5 pm EST. Also, please do not submit anything yet or post entries on this thread. Since we have so many early commits, I will post the contest rules and deadlines before long -


Count me in. I just finished a dance suite.

Ahem. Two minutes. Hm.


I'm in 

17 commits! Deadline to join is 2/7/20 at 5 pm EST

I will subimt something.

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