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Colors - write a piece of up to two minutes duration on the theme of one of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, black, white. The piece can be in any style for any instrumentation. An MP3 or link to an outside service (e.g., Soundcloud, YouTube) is required. PDF is strongly suggested, but not required. An optional text describing the work of no more than 3 short sentences is suggested. Entries should be sent to me through this site. Deadline for entries is 1/3/21 at 5 pm EST.

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Thanks Martin, you are #14!

I see that only mp3 is needed. Soo, eletronic music is aloweed?

Hi Peter, yes electronic music is allowed. 


I'd like to take part as well, please - with the aim not to come last again!!

Only one colour, yes? It would have been tempting to do three (e.g. black, red and gold...for a flag, or such...!).

No, it's okay, one colour will do.

Thank you, Gav, for setting this up again - these challenges are always so much fun!

Thanks Tillerich, you are #15!

I'll have a go, then, with red. Regard me as an accessory though if the numbers get too high.


Ok, Dane, you are #16!
  1. Hello, I would like to do Green, if it's still possible to join :-)

I'm joining this colorful enterprise 

Yes Marcus, it's still possible to join. I have you at #17, and Saul, you are #18!

I'm in.

I will do White.

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