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Hello members! Composers’ Forum is proposing the following contest - write a piece of music about an animal. The piece can be any instrumentation, any style, and should be of 2 minutes duration or less. If you are interested to join, reply to this thread indicating you would be interested in participating. In order for the contest to be a go, at least 8 composers must sign up. Please do not submit any entries at this point, just express your interest. Deadline to express interest (but *not* to submit an entry) is Oct. 7 at 5 pm EST!

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Suppose we can start wrtitng already XD


Sure, count me in.

Thanks Harold, you are #7! We need just 1 more and the contest is a go!

I'll give it a go!

Thanks Daniel, you are #8, so the contest is a go! I will post the contest rules and deadline later today!
We are still accepting entrants for this contest up until 9/30/18 at 5 pm EST. For those who have already entered, the deadline to submit your entry to me is 11/30/18 at 5 pm EST. Entries should take the form of an MP3, or a link to an online sound file such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. and should not have your name visible on them if possible. A PDF score is highly desirable, but is not required, and if submitting a PDF, it should also not contain your name. Pieces should be no longer than 2 minutes duration, and each entrant may submit up to 2 entries. A short description of the piece, to include at least the animal name, is required. Questions? Ask them here!

Lol what animals are y'all writing about? Just curious. Also, can people join after the express interest deadline?

Hi Jordan, there are two more days to enter!
Gav, I'd like to enter this, thanks!
Great Ingo, you are #9!

I will do something animalistic.  Sign me up

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Read before you sign up to find out what the requirements are!


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