Project SAM?


I'm looking around at Brass libraries, and I've seen several reviews that place the Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic as being the best around.  I've taken a look at some of the demos and been impressed, but I'm curious to know if anybody around here has used this library.  If so, what's your opinion?


Thanks in advance!


David W. Hamilton

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  • Hi David,


    I wouldn't necessarily say that Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic is the best around but it is an excellent library and widely used.


    Pros: Excellent sound and a decent number of articulations.


    Cons: No legato samples or really modern programming features.


    At the moment there really isn't any truly amazing brass library available on a level with LA Scoring Strings or Hollywood Strings (unless you can stretch to Spitfire Brass with Maurice Murphy on trumpet!)

  • I usually compose in the more 'classical' tone; it sounds like SAM (like more other libraries) ends up depending on exactly what you're wanting to use it for?
  • In that case I'd say that Chris is right with Vienna. SAM aims at a cinematic sound.


    In my sci-fi horror cue on my page here, there are some trumpets (around 0:28) which are a mix of Vienna and Project SAM.

  • So... Vienna's better for the more Classical tone... I compose both some free-lance Symphonic projects (one of them is on my page) and for Film.  I'm looking at the different libraries out there because I'm scoring a Feature-length Thriller this summer... there'd be plenty of dark brass, I think.  So I'm trying to find something I can use both on that project, on another Feature that's just, well, on the 'prettier' side, and the free-lance stuff.  Sounds like Vienna would work better, though.  And they're samples are very impressive.

  • We're budgeting $1.5K for the Thriller (Othersight), and $2K for the other Feature (Indescribable).  I am planning on getting the Complete Composer's Collection from EastWest, so that'll take care of pretty much everything for about $1K, which would leave $2.5K for other libraries.  I did a cover of a video game track, and got back some critique--the major weakness cited was the Brass instruments.  That's why I'm hunting down some Brass libraries.
  • Hmm... I never got notifications about these replies!  :-P  I'll have to check out the Cinesamples...
  • I got that one!
  • Hi Everyone,


    First post ;-)


    The cinesamples Brass is very impressive, more so then the VSL dimension Brass i think. Am not convinced by the Project SAM Orchestral Brass..........sound a bit thin and also the articulations seem limited?



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