Just a couple, probably insignificant questions I've had in cleaning up a score:

#1 For piano music, if there is a lengthy bit with a single note melody in the bass register, should the bit written on the lower staff or upper staff?  My gut tells me to put it in the upper staff, changing the clef to bass from treble for that passage, my head tells me it probably really doesn't matter, and my wife tells me to get off the computer.  Who's right?

#2 I'm considering writing different character markings for different instruments in one part.  The cello has this power chord bit based on a blues scale, sounds a bit Metallica, at the same time there is a boogie-woogie piano part, and the violin has some other kind of character.  Would it be preposterous to write different character markings?  God, why do I worry about this stuff?

#3  There is a whole note chord in the piano with the pedal down, so the chord obviously rings over the next couple measures as well.  Is it customary to tie that whole note to whole notes in the measures that the chord rings through (those measures would be otherwise notationally empty), or to just leave those measures empty?

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  • For the first question, it depends on which had you intend to play the melody, and for the last question I personally would notate it tied as I feel as though some performers may feel as though you intend the chord (and pedal) to cut where there  is a rest, but I think it's personal to the composer.

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