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Many of you probably already know about this, but northern sounds has an online version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Principles of Orchestration" book with playable examples that use GPO.

They also have a jazz big band arranging tutorial that uses a similar format:

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Shout if this is ridiculous.
What I miss is a guide to "Orchestration using General Midi instruments". I have tried a few examples from the Rimsky-Korsakov site and some of them are not very good when you use GM instruments. It was good training to enter the notation into Sibelius. For me it is, e.g., impossible to make a trumpet sound like a trumpet. I have started a list of what instrument combinations to use and what to avoid.
A real orchestra is a real orchestra, a GPO orchestra is a GPO orchestra, a GM orchestra is a GM orchestra. I don't have GPO (yet). Too much to learn after my 50 year coffee break. I now try to make a piano sound like a piano so that I can distribute all the piano pieces from my youth. I bought Garritan Steinway Basic but I cannot make it sound even near the same as when I play live. It is rather frustrating sometimes.
Bottom line: What sounds good and what not when you orchestrate for midi instruments? Or is it so that everybody has at least GPO or 500 GB of EastWest? I was in contact with a Swede who had 570 GB of sounds!
Frustration number two: Learning and using all the new technology takes away too much time from music creation.
This was slightly rambling but so is life.
Thank you Thomas for the comments,
I really need a strategy. I will never be able to persuade an orchestra to play my music. That is a sad fact. I have noticed that when I was young I was not taken seriously because I was young. Now I am not taken seriously because I am old although I feel young. But I take myself and my music seriously and am working something like six hours per day on it. My goals are:
1. Create great or at least good music.
2. Perform my music on my instrument which is the piano.
3. Produce mp3:s and aif:s of my small orchestra works using available computer technology.
4. Make CDs which I will give to anybody who wants them, sell in my Rotary club and at street corners, and wherever I have a chance to distribute them.
5. Create music using technology which is good enough to be shown on this forum.
6. Participate in the discussions in order to learn and perhaps in the future to contribute.

One thing which needs discussion is the Australian Kookaburra case. I will open that discussion in a separate post. Or has it already been discussed?


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