• I love it, Saul! Wonderful!!! I adore the lightness and tenderness of the piece and the way you perform it!!  You played it yourself without having a note sheet? 


    • Thank you Gerd!

      I played it spontaneously without a score, but I'm working on the score now it should be ready soon.

  • excuse the language Saul but bloody hell !!! That piece is un-bleeding-believable my friend.

    The best piano piece I've heard in years (if not of all time)

    the preciseness/ feeling you're showing here is In My Opinion pure genius.

    Thank you very much for your time & effort.. Love it.





    • Thank you for your kind and generous comments! glad you liked this piece!


      Best Wishes

  •  Hi Saul

    Just listened to this - certainly an enjoyable piece, lively, optimistic - a breath of fresh air given the current climate. 


    • Thank you Colin, I appriciate that.


      Best Wishes,



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