• I love it, Saul! Wonderful!!! I adore the lightness and tenderness of the piece and the way you perform it!!  You played it yourself without having a note sheet? 


    • Thank you Gerd!

      I played it spontaneously without a score, but I'm working on the score now it should be ready soon.

  • excuse the language Saul but bloody hell !!! That piece is un-bleeding-believable my friend.

    The best piano piece I've heard in years (if not of all time)

    the preciseness/ feeling you're showing here is In My Opinion pure genius.

    Thank you very much for your time & effort.. Love it.





    • Thank you for your kind and generous comments! glad you liked this piece!


      Best Wishes

  •  Hi Saul

    Just listened to this - certainly an enjoyable piece, lively, optimistic - a breath of fresh air given the current climate. 


    • Thank you Colin, I appriciate that.


      Best Wishes,



  • Ahhhhh.  That is beautiful.  Wonderful playing, developing counterpoint lines.  Some nice quickly dissonant moments. Love the build 2/3 of the way to the end.  The long reverb is a bit distracting to the nice lines for me.   Would love to hear this as presented in a nice room.  


    • Thanks Brandon!

      Yes this will sound much better on a grand Steinway in a beautiful large room.


  • Saul, this is a wonderful piece and beautifully played! I love the harmonic freshness, the many inflections to other keys, and the classical-era style counterpoint that points back rather to Bach... in places it comes across as almost a two part invention. My only reservation is in regards to the ending, the sudden abandoning of the flowing, contrapuntal texture, in my opinion, breaks the mood of the piece and seems quite out of place in context. Certainly there are more "organic" ways to finish? Just a thought.

    • Thanks Liz!

      Yes, you're right it does feel somwhat Bachian, even though it wasnt intended to be so.

      As for the ending, I think its a matter of opinion, I felt that there was nothing else for me to say with this piece and it ended the way it did. Could it have been ended differently? of course. 

      Thanks for your input.


      Best Wishes



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