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Already posted this elsewhere, but reposting it here to reach out to some who only frequent this forum.

This is an early piece of mine (1998-1999), but I never wrote it down in score until this week. So here it is.

Here's the score (.pdf).

Here's the mechanical (and somewhat dull) computer rendering:

It shows my early characteristic weakness in melodic handling and repetitiveness, though hopefully this is somewhat offset by an interesting harmonic component.

Since this piece is so old, I'm unlikely to make revisions to it except for minor corrections. But I'd still like to receive feedback and critique on it as lessons for the future. So, have at it.

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Really liked this a lot! The big block chords are so proclamative and strong, like a big march.

Personally, I would have loved a deconstruction within, exploring what lies in the piece beyond it’s big-ness. Would also allow for more melodic variations as well. It kind of reminds me of Chopin’s Piano Sonata #2 in B-minor (The Funeral March), although less somber. That too opens and ends big, but the middle, where he deviates from the big marching chord progressions and develops the melody further is phenomenal, and is what would make this resonate even more for me, personally.

This would be fun to play, the texture puts me on edge looking for where this piece will go next.  Like Jim O. above I was hoping for a transition and release but you held us until the end, which means, there's an Eb fugue lurking out there somewhere, I know it!

Thanks, Jim and Ingo, for your kind words.  I conceived this piece as a grand introduction, perhaps the opening of a recital or something, so it deliberately holds your attention to the end.  Of course, that's no excuse for weakness in structure, which I freely admit could have been done better.  The repetitiveness characteristic of my early works is evident here, and is something I hope to have been rid of in my more recent work.  I will definitely keep your comments in mind in future works!

@Ingo: I was in fact quite tempted to write a fugue to follow, and even had a few ideas of a fugue subject based on the motifs in this prelude.  However, I decided not to do it because the result would be too incongruous -- the disparity between what I can write now vs. what I wrote back when I composed this prelude would be too great to work together seamlessly.

Maybe next time. :-D

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