Prelude for Solo Piano

I'm working on a large set of piano preludes. Each piece will span anywhere from 40 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes in length. I currently have around 10 pieces in progress. I will slowly expand them and perfect them until I am satisfied.

This is one that I consider close to being finished. It is a short piece.

I really want to get these pieces performed once they are finished so I can record them on a real piano. I do not play piano and at the moment I'm not concerned with the "playability" of the pieces. I think once I am finished getting the melodies and ideas out I will go back through the compositions and add the necessary finishing touches.

Any criticism would be very helpful!


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  • Hi Max--

    I enjoyed your piece--its an interesting piece with some nice moments in it.

    And while it somehow hints at being cohesive, and going somewhere, it leaves a kind of unsettled, not fully accomplished feeling on both accounts, even on repeated hearings, to me.

    Perhaps the inclusion of something aurally recognizable from the opening, in other areas of the piece, esp toward the end might be a way to try and "rope it in"--

    But there DEFINITELY is something good going on here, trying to unify it,even in its unclarity-- that should be discovered, and capitalized on.
    I think it just needs a little more work.

    Nice job--thanks!

    Bob Morabito
  • It "sounds" playable, although there may be some details easily omitted while listening that might increase the difficulty.

    I like it. It seems like it's going somewhere, just like Bob said. However, I think there's something missing at the very end... something that would tie the atonal feeling thorough the whole piece with the very classical-sounding cadence that finishes the piece. Even a single chord would do - if I were you, I'd put something like a staccato D3-G3-Ab3-D4-E4 right after the Eb major chord. Somewhat awkward way to sum it up, but that's my point :)

    Of course these are just random thoughts from me, the piece already sounds well. I'd like to hear the other preludes too!
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