This is my first upload here.

Score's messy, everything is in French because English sounds cinematic and cliché and Dutch is... ugly.


Please, all criticism and all your opinions are welcome- which of the repeats should go? How is it built up? Am I copying any composer? How's the overall impression?

I know that some things are kinda hard to play for the piano. I'll sort that out later (even though the score says it's written the 7th of August, 2012 I didn't write it then).


Made in Finale.


(I hope this soundcloud thing works)

Préludes pour Piano - II. Charactères avec tempérament - Piano.pdf

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  • Douwe,

         Very nice work.  Have you played it?  At first it looked more difficult than Ravel but mostly because of the sloppy score.  Some one needs to go through it and eliminate the unplayable notes and write the unreadably high note in octava.  This would be a challenging and fun piece to play. 


  • D Z   interesting piece    entertaining       the 1st impression I got

            was Gershwin meets the Keystone Kops    Thanks for sharing   R S

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