"Theme and Variation" Contest

Hello everyone,

I have been working with another composer on this site, who has supplied 5 melodic ideas for a potential contest I'd like to run. Please see attached pdf and mp3. Each contains the 5 melodies. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to pick one of the melodies and 1) provide an accompaniment for it. 2) provide between 2-4 variations on it. Even though the PDF score indicates particular instruments being used, you may use any instrumentation you like. There are no restrictions on the contest other than that the original presentation of the melody must be as the composer has provided. Voting will be twofold: the membership of this site will be asked to vote on which entry is the best, and in addition, the composer will sound off on which pieces they like most, and offer commentary.



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  • Thanks Fredrick!

  • I'm in too.

  • Thanks Milan!

  • This contest begins now. Entrants, please provide an MP3 of your music and, if possible, a PDF of the score by 5 pm EST June 30th. To get your entry to me, just friend me on this site and I will supply an e-mail address to you which you can use. Thanks to all who are participating!

  • Hello contestants. There are 23 days remaining in this contest. Entries are due by 5 pm EST June 30th!

  • Good luck to all 5 of the entries .........................  maybe the next contest will allure some of the less knowledgeable pinions in this group.

  • Hello contestants, there are 12 days remaining in this contest. Entries are due by 5 pm EST June 30th!

  • Hello contestants, there is one day remaining in this contest. Entries are due by 5 pm EST tomorrow, June 30th!

  • The deadline for submitting entries to this contest has passed. I will be placing the entries up and starting the voting portion within the next day or so. Thanks to all who entered and to the composer who submitted the original melodies on which the contest is based!

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