I am a big fan of TV show theme songs which I believe require a unique type of composition. It has to be short (usually 1 minute or less), it has to capture the spirit of the show, and in some cases follow visual cues from the opening credits. TV themes cover every style of music, from classical to pop, to things which are quite their own animal. I'd like to hear from the membership on this - post a youtube or soundfile of a TV theme you like and say why you like it. Here's a start from me: "The Wild Wild West" was a TV show about a James-Bond-like secret agent set in the time of Ulysses S. Grant's presidency. The theme song has a clear American-West sound with a memorable main melody, but is modern sounding because of the use of electric bass and some jazz-like snare drum playing. It's very dramatic and fits the action-packed show. The attached example is about 1 minute long -


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  • Such a beautiful baroque pastiche - for once writing in an old fashioned style is justified. Reflects the majesty and sadness of the decline of the great English family estates. I'm sure most of our US friends here dont know this magical TV theme.

  • Well, I haven't had a tv in 32 years - Hallelujah!!!! - but I love watching movies on Netflix.  I think this one was a tv show in the UK at one time.  It's my favorite theme music.   Reasons:  This short excerpt manages to speak volumes about Sherlock Holmes and his world of Victorian London - his love for the violin and his virtuosity on that instrument, the dark, mysterious streets of a city shrouded in fog; his elegance and painstaking dedication to perfection and truth; his brilliant mind which tries to hide his capability for compassion, but doesn't always succeed!   When this theme starts playing, I feel like I've come home ...  I think I've told y'all before that I'm over 150 years old.    ;-)

  • The Avengers (The UK TV series from the 70s, not the more recent film).

  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine! I used to look forward to this show just for the music of the opening credits... almost as majestic as the vastness of the Universe:

  • The theme to the persuaders by John Barry, Classic, I  love the low Moog


    The theme to Lost in Space by John Williams, I love its quirkiness. It was always screened at Sunday lunchtime when I was a boy. I can still smell Granma's Roast beef, whenever I hear it.


  • I love it all! Ray, Ironside was my mother's favorite show, so I watched this many times. A great 60s action-y James-Bond-y type of theme. Adrian, I don't know the show, but the music seems perfectly suited for the English gentry. Julie, I have seen every episode of the Brett show and think the theme is appropriate to the material. David, I've not seen the show, but the theme is great! I love 60s-era themes especially well for some reason. Very spy-y. Janet, I watched DS9 a bit but did not recall the theme, thanks for sharing it, it's good. Wonder if the same composer did the Voyager theme. Daryl, I've never seen the show, but The Persuaders theme is great, another spy-y type of song by the fantastic John Barry (for those of you who don't know who he is, he is most famous for creating most of the classic James Bond movies' incidental music). One comment to Daryl - the link you posted to the theme for Lost in Space is not the main theme, which I think is one of the best of all time TV themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3yK77GWBbk  - by the incomparable John Williams -

    I'll also add another item to the list: the Jonny Quest show, which ran in the 60s. Why it's great: this jazzy spy-y tune perfectly follows the visuals on screen, which start out with a running boy backed by some exciting drumming. It escalates from there in a way which sums up this action packed cartoon about a boy who has a scientist father who works for the US government and travels around the world on sci-fi adventures. The music is by one Hoyt Curtin, the house composer at Hanna Barbara (makers of the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and many other cartoons). I particularly love the sinuous melody which, in addition to being jazzy and hip, develops melodically in a satisfying way:


  • Ah, the good old days when a science and technology magazine program could have a swinging big band jazz theme.

    This one by the late great John Dankworth!  Love the ending!!

  • Wouldntcha know, there's a Wikipedia article on all the Star Trek composers. :) DS9 and Voyager did have different composers.

    Here's the Voyager theme for comparison (I like DS9 better!):

    Gav Brown said:

     Janet, I watched DS9 a bit but did not recall the theme, thanks for sharing it, it's good. Wonder if the same composer did the Voyager theme.

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