Just posted a new orchestral piece I've been working on called Keeping Up With The Neighbors. It's got a warm, slightly mysterious appeal to it that sweeps up into a feel-good theme, highlighted by dueling woodwinds and large string ensembles.

Take a listen and see what you think! Strong critique encouraged:


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  • Nicely done Brian.  Very enjoyable, light but with a little bit of gravity to it still.  Reminded me of an introduction scene to an idyllic neighborhood in a movie.  Paperboy, sprinklers on, joggers, etc.  If i had one critique it would be that the ending felt a little abrupt, but that's really a preference thing and would obviously be affected greatly by the scene it was written for.  

  • Thanks guys, I do think it's a little short and it ends abruptly. I'm just starting out though and trying to put together a portfolio, so I wanna keep it short and sweet if possible. I still haven't done anything to picture yet, so I'm sure that will change things in terms of stops and starts, but it should be a good challenge.

  • Thanks Fredrick, I like the percussion idea, maybe even a whole percussion section pushed way into the background starting at the first main theme section. I've got some good libraries for percussion, but I'm not completely fluent with them yet. Just picked up the new Albion One though, so that might be just the thing to look into.

  • Brian

    I liked very much the atmosphere that you’ve created there, I agree with Fredrick regarding the percussions.

    Something that I miss a little is a more strong sound holding the main theme. I think that the large string ensembles sounds great, but the main theme seems a little blurred in comparison with some arrangements that tent to be more present or more “in a first layer” than the main theme. Maybe that’s what you wanted to get, but that’s how I feel about it.

    BTW, awesome work you have at Soundcloud! I’m following you.



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