Pipe Organ piece

Here is a re-work of an earlier piece. I developed it a bit further and am asking if it makes sense. More melodic embelishments and chord changes. I'd like to know if any of the chord changes took anyone by surprise or are they predictable?

Thanks for listening. Below is the Box.com link to the piece.



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  • Hello Rick, bravo - very good work! A good example of a composition where the fundamental motif of the piece does

    NOT get boring, even after many repetitions. I would really like to play it and give more comments/suggestions, but then I would need at a score of the piece.Can you provide this?


    Best regards,

  • Johan,

    Thanks for the insightful comments. I would love to make out a score, but I can't read music. Since I did this in Sonar, I will look for a way to get it written out maybe from within the DAW. I don't know if that's possible but I am excited that someone wants to play it. I tried to use the visual piano roll in Sonar as a guide and think of whether the fingerings were even possible. I'm thinking there are many spots where a player would say; "nope, can't do that". Although I do play piano by ear (mostly Beatles), I couldn't play this piece myself in a million years.


  • Johan,

    I just went to your page on the forum and listened intently to your compositions. I am in AWE! You are BRILLIANT. Suddenly the comments you gave me take on great meaning. I am truly humbled that a composer of your caliber would take the time to play one of my pieces. You are the real deal, I'm just a hobbiest with a good ear. I LOVED every one of your compositions espescially Etude. So rare to hear  stuff where every note and chord sound right... no klinkers.. none. I've got to figure out how to make a CF page too. Thank you for the beautiful music. I can't wait to hear more!


  • very good piece indeed. A big portion of it sounds like it was written with a piano in mind. Not a bad thing, but why don't yo give a piano arrangement a try? Also, I can easily imagine an accordion version, seems to me it suits your purpose good-maybe better than the organ.

  • I find your change in chords great, it is interesting until the final note, congrats.

  • Thanks a lot for your nice words about my work. Composing music is a very lonesome occupation, and getting some recognition is really stimulating.

    I have listened again and again to your organ piece, and I find it outstanding. It is compelling and never boring. The repetitions of the starting theme (which is excellent) appear at the right moment, which is so important to amplify enjoyment and drama of a musical piece. In fact, this is what was mastered so well by the classical composers (notably Bach).

    But Rick, you should REALLY make an effort to get a score of your organ piece. If you have a piano roll in a DAW, this should be possible. Maybe some expert in this forum can help you or give advice. Don´t bother about playability at this stage. It should be straightforward to adjust the score with regard to any “unplayable” notes and spelling of the notes. I may be able to help you with this if I can find the time.


    Regards, Johan

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