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It's fairly slow, peaceful mostly, chromatic (not atonal).

The orchestra is small - no flutes, triple double reeds, triple clarinets, brass limited to 4 horns + trumpet.

Any comment good or bad would be truly appreciated, and thank you for listening if you can give it time.

Please play it quietly. It rarely goes over mf. Thanks.

I've put together a basic short score: strings/woodwind/brass which as usual for my daw is a bit iffy. Haven't put in the dynamics but they're self-evident. The contralto shares the strings staves.

I omitted the percussion as it has just a couple of notes.

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No problem and I have not downloaded it.  I write and orchestrate a lot of my own work and others.  Good luck with it though. I just thought it could be an interesting piece to try with my little orchestra when we return to playing!


Yes, I thought of it with our town orchestra subject to rearranging one of the instruments. I can guarantee a 5 minute slot but want it to be something I'm happy to put my name to! 

When we all start up again.

Are you talking about a 5 minute rehearsal slot?  


Performance. They'd probably stretch it a bit, depends what they're playing from the repertoire. They look for fillers if the main works leave time. 

There are 3 orchestras in my vicinity. The County Orchestra is more conservative with 'premières'. None are functioning during the restrictions.

Thank you Dane for your explanation.

Best Wishes

Dane Aubrun said:

Hi Saul,

Sure, please talk plainly. 

I see what you mean but I really have two choices - write as I feel - or give up. As an amateur I take pleasure in composing but also recognise that only a few of my pieces may make it to the stage of writing out a score and possible submission. One of the values of this site is that when I receive comment I can gauge at least something about reception. It helps.

I also hold a slightly different view in that composers are often recognised by a consistent if developing style, but in no way does that diminish the value of your comment which I have to admit is most perceptive of my pieces. 

However, I feel that I do keep in touch with other genres. Recently I posted some light music which arose from frustrations with the style you're speaking of - for the very reasons you state. I seemed to be composing the same piece again and again. Ok, one has to develop but I agree there comes a point to say 'enough is enough!' That's how it felt. Hence the piece for small orchestra on the site now that comments suggest something closer to neo-classicism. 

However, the next work is more formal - modal, to complete a symphony. It brings up new problems - can a three movement work in a single, obscure mode hold together? Won't it get boring? We have to see.

And then there was my fake Mozart in sonata form but few people commented...maybe they thought I was being derisory. 

But I much appreciate your comment and thank you.



Dane Aubrun said:

Hi Kevin,

Ha, yes and it'll need some cleaning up. I'll set it aside for a while until among other things I turn out, to decide if it might be worth submitting to the County Orchestra, probably not. Our town orchestra couldn't play it!

Pre-the lockdown I hoped to have work performed in conjunction with a dance group. That seems to have been scrapped altogether now as entertainment venues are still so restricted. They were happier to work to virtual performances above all because the music would be consistent for rehearsal. need to worry about scoring hygiene! 

Kevin riley said:

Have you thought about cleaning up the score for real life performance Dane?

Hi Dane,

I listened to it twice. It has some very good production values and overall has some appeal as a piece of musiccrafting, but I felt there wasn’t any forward motion in the piece. Perhaps that was your goal, if so, stop here, because nothing else I’ll say after this will be of use to you:

In order to keep my attention, a piece has to feel to me like it’s going somewhere, that is, the piece has to have a start and an end, and there should be a natural flow from the one to the other. I don’t need to know how you do this, I just have to feel that it’s happening. I didn’t feel this for this piece. The sounds that happen as the piece goes along, while pleasant and sometimes even intriguing (the use of voice was surprising and interesting, for example), don’t feel connected together and in response to each other, or to develop the piece as they move along. So I heard them as unconnected aural events. Over time, not hearing that connection, and thus not hearing the piece progress, my attention waned.

If I could offer a suggestion, it would be to listen to John Williams’ opening theme to Catch Me If You Can, which is in a similar dark-ish sound world to what you have here, but which clearly develops towards a satisfying ending. 

Best to you and thanks for sharing!


Hello Gav,

Thank you for listening and your valuable comments. Unfortunately this is the price of favouring 'through composed' although I make use of motives more than in some earlier orchestral efforts. Development is a problem in this style as there's too little time to do much without it turning formal: state the theme (or build one from motifs) then develop it to some structural plan. Were I skilled I could no doubt still turn it into an impressionist piece. Alas, that's probably a pipe-dream.

Honestly, this kind of music is for a very narrow audience. 

In fact, I'll let this drop off the forum now. I have one more piece to submit then I'm packing it in for a while except the competition. I have another piece to finish then, well, we'll see.

Once again, thank you for your time, Gav,

All the best,


"I'm packing it in for a while"

A sabbatical is certainly a good idea for many reasons, getting a different perspective always helps with a lot of things. I do hope you'll drop by here occasionally though to assist with some of our wanderings.

As far as the Reaper issue of copying between projects that you mentioned elsewhere goes FWIW, you could try opening multiple projects in separate tabs. With a project open go to File > Open project and then in the Open Project window check the box at the bottom that says 'Open in new project tab.' You should be able to easily copy and paste back and forth between the tabs but I don't know what this will do to your available memory if the projects are large.

Hi Dane,

Long time no hear.

I liked it. It reminded me of the opening theme to the old Star Trek TV series. As was mentioned it doesn't quite have that exact same feel since there aren't any repetitions of any kind in it. I think that's what builds any theme based tune. 

I am aware that this likely was not you goal in the first place. I think this is why it sounds possibly like later in the show when they encounter lizard men, this would fit right in.

Does that make sense?

Ah, hello Timothy,

Many thanks for giving it a listen and your comments.

Indeed, long time no see.Hope all's well with you. It's been a bit busy on my side of late and I'm fed up with this unending lockdown... I'll start losing my contacts especially with playing - No orchestra practice, can't even get at the organ at the church - not much altogether.

Yes, this piece was another that hasn't quite worked. Thought to bring more concord into it so it's a sort of hybrid mess!

I'll let this drop off the board now so I can post a different sort of thing.

So keep well, and hope to see you around more.

Cheers for now,




 I hope you are able to get out more in the near future. Sorry to hear about lost contacts.

In my case I'm one of a handful of people who has to show up on week days at an almost empty establishment. Not complaining. It's a job and all that but. Enough said there.

I thought the piece worked well. I don't think I always get the context which I think is everything.



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