Piece for Flute and Two Guitars

This is a short rules piece written for an ad hoc trio that never materialized for various reasons. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms you might have would be appreciated. Thanks for listening


.Flute and 2 guitars.mp3

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  •  Hi Ingo,

    Lucid, clair...

    It would be great to hear it together with other movements.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Note:Guitar rendering is great. No problem.

  • Patrick - Thank you for listening and commenting.  I have not heard a lot of Shostakovich and I wouldn't have thought of him but I will definitely listen and reconsider him, thanks for pointing that out.

    Ali -  Thank you for encouragement. NotePerformer does a good job in general without much labor for the composer which is a great advantage.  I don't think a lot of the guitar idioms are available though.

  •  Pretty piece in the song format. I would have continued this with a solo violin coming in, guitar and violin fit nicely together, it may give a gypsy flavour.

    Thanks for a pleasant listening.

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