• hmm... I can only say that when we write music we have two choices:

    we can write music we can honestly "hear" or

    we can write something we do not "hear" but we think it might sound like something we should be writing (for whatever reason, be it following the current style or trend, or making a wild guess that perhaps ends up being something of value, or...)


    I like sitting at the piano many hours and try "whatever" without thinking to listen for things I otherwise would never encounter, but when I compose, I CAN'T sit at the piano and, for hours, look to see if I can find something of value, I rather go for a walk and search for a theme or idea to show up. If I can't sing it: I do not write it :)


    Maybe... it is a mistake...



  • I wish all of us would've read:

    "Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons" by Stravinsky.

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