Here i am attempting another piano trio. Trying to figure out my own style. I tried making this piece a bit more melodious without it becoming too predictable, certainly a challenge. If anyone has some tips, i will greatly appreciate! 

Experimented a bit with the high notes on the violin. 

Do you think the piano is too loud? If I make it softer it feels like the piece losses a bit too much, because the piano is the harmonic backbone here (in the latter part) . It could still work with a softer piano, but i ended up going with a louder version, does it sound like it's overbearing towards the strings?

 I feel like I'm slowly preparing for a longer 10minute piece with at least 5 instruments, hehe, Exciting.

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  • Firstly very nice piece 
    secondly dump your strings vst and get the emotional violin/viola/cello trio too make your strings sound more realistic.

    I liked the sad harmony start around 1:30 and would like to see it become more; explore more melodies to accompany it.

    • Thanks!

      Could you please explain more about the vst? I am using the same vst i always have. Maybe the higher register simply sounds less real here i guess. 

      Hehehe I also like it a lot! I have big plans for that part heuheuheu :))

      Thanks a lot for listening!

      • Sure

        Getting a good strings sound is near impossible with a vst but there are some who have come closer than others, like Joshua bell violin, emotional violin and for long note maybe adagio violin by 8dio. Anyhow I always use trial and error and in the end I never get any vst to sound genuinly realistic enough so that if a musician listens to my piece he couldn't tell if it was done on a VST. I also realize they're expensive ....

        • Hehe yeah.... I'll check them out then. For now I'll keep using my note performer. Thanks a lot for the detailed information! Much appreciated 



  • I liked the idea behind the theme, where the violin and the viola set the tones in high freq, and the piano gives the basis. I probably would say the piano could be set a bit down on the volume (on the left/accompaniment part), to give the strings more obvious. I liked the somewhat mysterious feeling at 1:12 before 1:30.
    Oh ya, what's the story behind the title? The Name.


    • The name is how jews adress god. 

      The music is god presenting himself to the unfaithful. The light that is pure and beautiful, but unattainable to the sinners, and the sadness of god when his children hide from his light. 

  • Interesting. And a curious mix of styles.

    At the outset I thought "Ah, my kind of music!" I didn't bother to wonder if there were theoretical principles underlying it. Its fairly slow emergence made it easy to listen to and assimilate. But then  at 1'32" it all changed into a minimalist style which was pleasant enough to listen to but (for me) was far less interesting. 

    I feel you could recap the opening style (and thematic material) for at leasst a minute or so at the end.

    As for 'is the piano too loud' - it seemed all right for me in both episodes. From 1'32" it carries the work forward well. Perhaps there are moments when you could reduce it slightly to give the strings a change to solo.which in turn tould explore the developmental possibilities of the material.

    The two styles (both yours) seem incompatible in the same piece but then....that of itself is a style.


  • I enjoyed listening to this but found it posed more questions than it answered. Like Dane, I think a return to the opening would balance the work better -- then what would become the middle section would work musically for me. On the other hand, the very high violin towards the end suggests a conclusion so perhaps you prefer to stick with the enigma! It will indeed be interesting to see what happens when you try to write something a bit more large-scale.

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