Piano sonatina

Hello everyone!
Decided to give this a try.. have been on this forum for a while now but haven't really said much. Recently uploaded a sonatina I did for school, finished in June:

It comes in two parts: 1. No moon
                                2. No treetops

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  • Thanks! It narrates some kind of a story for my perspective, but the last thing I want to do is to manipulate the imagination of other listeners.. but for myself I have found it to be an anxious experience of someone completely alone at night, finding out that first the moon has disappeared and then so have the treetops.. just trees are suddenly ending halfway. (I didn't plan that at first. I always attach the titles after I have finished, to have more freedom in composing.) Both the titles are lines from a rather surreal poem. Thanks a lot for your kind words, it helps me cope with starting school again..

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