Hi again, found some time to play around with Sibelius and got this out experimenting with mordant and other things, also ive downloaded a huge collection of music books so id be able to understand your critique including music theory.

Im conscious i'd need more expertise on the audio postprocessing, but i'll improve that just as soon.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Piano sonate en Mibemol majeur_1.mp3

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  • That's nice.  What are your goals with this piece?  What is it about?  What is it saying?  I think, especially since you are just starting, you might want to think about this kind of stuff before you write and then, I would STRONGLY recommend using pen/paper/piano before you start entering notes into Sibeilus.  Learning to compose at the computer is one of the worst things you can do if you want your music to have a voice of it's own.  Now, if all you want to do is emulate Bach or Beethoven or whoever, go for it.  But you will just end up with bad Bach and bad Beethoven.


  • Hi Tim thanks for the response;

    My composing process is more about exploration, i come up with an idea three phrases long in average then i develop it without feeling the need to put names on things. Now i fully understand what you're saying and i strongly agree, in fact those questions are essential but not yet vivid to my mind.

    I've a profound love for baroque music, but im not willing to emulate any other composer in the contrary im building my self much as a child influenced by his environement with the only difference that mine i chose.

    Yet it would be intresting for me to hear if id have any special potential you felt...

  • Hi Bob,

    These abrupt ending were part of the plan, seemed to me intresting to give some rest to the melody then coming back again. Now i always assume i can be wrong. For the postprocessing thing there's the volume matter and also i was intrested to give some ambiance to the piece as if it was recorded in an intresting place.

    I join you on the fact that Sibelius is a very usefull way to get to compose if one doesnt have access to an instrument, which is my case.

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