Piano sonata in E bemol major

So im 18 and composing is something i wanted to do since childhood, i couldnt get near that till i discovered music composing softwares so now i work with Sibelius try to make things get out of my mind!

It has been a month playing around from time to time with Sibelius, trying to pick music theory knowledge on the road which is for now very limited for me.

This short sonata for piano is my best so far, i'd be pleased to have critics on it in order of course to improve....Thanks in advance !


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  • Thanks a lot Michael for your encouraging reply, i'll surely be working hard to get things to higher levels ! I agree with your suggestion and besides that i added some dynamic contrast to make it more intresting.
  • Hi Bob,

    No i dont play any instrument! but its surely something im willing to

  • Thanks for your response Bob it will be helpfull, im indeed looking here and there to learn about music theory so im pretty optimistic about making progress.

    The only obstacle between me and an instrument is affording it, but this obstacle is temporary and im looking forward to purchase one as i see art and science spaces every human should explore.

  • I'd really enjoy the piano, to be utopic a little my favourite would be the Harpsichord !

  • I'll try it on the Harpsichord and see what gets out !

  • Well here's the harpsichord version, with some postprocessing done in Audacity...

    sonate en Mi bemol majeur_harpsichord.mp3

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