• C.C,

    The time was worth it. I liked it very much, especially your treatment of early 20th century harmonies and your modulations of different keys, almost producing something like an impressionist work.

    I personally think you should call this something like 'Ballade' or 'Nocturne', since it has that feel.

    Keep up the great work, this was a very good piece!



  • ^SIgh.

    Cold Composer,

    If you'll send me the file please, I'll render it for you with my good piano. Guy just can't take what he's given and make the best of it.


  • Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it.

    Well the volume of the piano pretty loud thats probably why it sounds like its being hammered. I personally don't think a different render will make it sound better. I mean its nothing compared to a real piano.

    But you can have a shot at it if you're willing.

  • Here it is, using my good piano. Tell me how you like it.

    Cold Composer Music93.mp3
  • Wow, that was much better! Very nice piece. just turn up the  pp a bit, and turn down the ff, and make the ending less abrupt. Also, I think that there are too many silences. I realize it's part of a pattern, but they are too predictable. Otherwise, a very nice piece.

  • It sounds great quinn thank you for doing that.

    and thanks for listening michael

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