Hey there, just finished writing not long ago a piece I am very proud of, so yeah, as a composer it gives me meaning and purpose to have people listen to it. 

If you have some time, please give it a listen! It is inspired by the tribal people of Nagaland who live in the far northeast of India. 

The piece itself is structured after the war dance of the sema tribe. There are motifs from the Angami tribe. The art itself is of a local Angami artist, discription of the art is on the video itself. 

The piece is called "Remembering The Feather Dance" it deals with the topic of modernity and losing information gained by past generations, specifically world war 2 and the involvement of the Naga people.

Hope you enjoy.



( Not too sure on how to share the video for direct listening without leaving the site... Sorry)

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  • Hi Gabriel,

    I can hear some Indian music.  I also sense a lot of peace in this song, unknowing that it is a war dance.

    Beautiful peaceful music, light as a feather, very relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing this music and education about the Naga people.


    • Thank you for the listen and the kind comment! Appreciate it!!

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful musical work. I enjoyed listening very much and found the contrasting middle section with the string glissandi to be suggestive of information and connection with the past. I don't know if this is what you had in mind but your title and description nicely set up the framework for me to hear it this way.

    Very nicely done! --Marty

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