Piano Preludes

Hi. There are some piano themes I wrote: http://www.realmusic.ru/unlocal.

Please give your opinions or advices.

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  • Do you really expect someone to actually listen to each of the 10 preludes you wrote and post a newspaper-sized review on the whole thing? I am sorry, but that´s too pretentious from you.
  • Hi Peter Just having a listen to 5:00 AM - this is beautiful. With some unexpected (and expected) chord changes I really get the feeling that I am up and everyone else is asleep!

    The Painter - Another doleful piece - not as immediately effective but somehow empathetic nonetheless.

    Thanks for sharing these - I will listen to the rest at length.
  • Jack Pickett, thank you for your comment, even though it's not a newspaper-sized ;)
  • Hi Peter,
    I had a moment time and listened to The Painter. I got interested and picked Closing. I ended up listening to all of them. This will not fill a newspaper page. It can clearly be heard that they come from the same pen. Iimpressionism is not far away. I will listen again later and try to find something which tells about the composer. But my naive verdict is that they are nice, beautiful and a pleasure to listen to. I might later regret saying so much but i relaxed for a moment simply listening. Later I might find time to make more detailed comments.
    A technical question. I am completely helpless in my efforts to create reasonable sound with a virtual piano. Are your preludes recorded live or are you a computer genius?
  • Thank you, Boris.
    As for your question: of course, this is not a live record. Unluckily, I have no Yamaha C7 Grand. But, luckily, there's no need to be a genius to create piano sound virtually: good sample library, DAW of your choice and no effects at all is what I think to be enough for the solo instrument.
  • Hi Peter,
    You make it sound so simple. This is moving over to the technology side but a question. What sample library would you recommend? Searching the web I get completely confused. I have in my computer a DAW named Reaper and a library Garritan Steinway Basic. I have not yet touched them. There are too many things I don't know. The life of a composer was so much easier a few decades ago. Paper, pen and a piano. And then hoping for someone to listen to you playing. Now you have to produce the whole electronic package. I listened again to What Follows Me and decided that I have to start learning how to use the new technology.
  • Sorry for the late response, Boris.
    I think, any commercial library should give acceptable sound. Year ago I was recommended to use Sampletekk's ones as having the best quality (so in listed tracks I used The Black Grand Medium Ambience).
    Many people like Synthogy Ivory (three pianos in ~40 Gb).
    And there is also a couple of libraries to be mentioned: link. They notable for the fact that they cost $0.
  • Wow, it took me less time to hear and appreciate your wonderful piece titled 5:00am than it would have to yell at you for sharing free music. It seems like the music will wander off into something formless, but you keep just enough hold to keep structure, and yet you let the music have a life of its own. You are in control enough to surrender to a natural yet unique event.
  • Oh, I was trying to be facetious in response to the very first comment. I offer much of my stuff for free as well. I thought it was funny that someone who shares freely should be called pretentious. Along your same lines.
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