• Neat! You should call this piece "A Moment in Composing." It starts off with the composer just plucking random notes on a piano seaching for a theme, then adds some harmony with more melodic flow, and then finally the piece starts to sound like it's finally own its way but falls short showing the composer that he still needs to work out the piece.


  • Yeah, it is just 0.1.6. moment beta version:) I doubt to remove Bach style from piece...maybe it is out of begin context too much...this piece require lot of work before I can call this piano piece:) anyway, let's take some fun...and experimenting...

    Thanks for replay Rodney!

  • Nice mood!¬†

    It's playful, but still has this dreamy contemplative quality. You should make it longer. Sounds like a draft to me.

    But interesting timbres!

  • Thank you! I finally decide to remove Bach style part and continue with variations based on first melody.You expected full composition here but I like to share work in progress to be sure that I going in a right direction.

  • Thanks Angus! I agree with you and preparing variations on opening theme.Homophobic¬†texture works in the begin of composition and people like it, but I will experiment with canon and cleaner harmony as I move up.

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