• Hi Jan-Frederik,

    What I understood from Ingo Lee is, if you put your melody to intervals, the tones/pitches does not matter at all.

    For example m3 m3 P4 m2  m3 m3 Aug4 M3  you can put any notes abiding these intervals.

    (m stands for minor, M for major, P for perfect and Aug for Augmented)

    I wonder what Ingo Lee will say also. His comment is a deep one, I believe.



  • Hi Ali,

    yes, there is a truth in it, because the course of harmony direction (as well as rhythmic momentum) is so predominant and important in this piece. However, I would in a way disagree with that the intervals I use do not matter at all, that any notes could be placed as long as the noted abide the intervals. It is a little difficult. I wonder too what Ingo will say and will try to provide a more detailed answer for this case.


  • Hi Jan-Frederik -

    My thought was that some pieces have features that stand out well and that they can be used in a different setting and still be very effective.  The best example is when composers take a great melody and reuse it in a different context.

    I especially enjoyed the rhythms of your piece and I thought that you could use that rhythm scheme in a different setting and it would still be enjoyable; perhaps even as a percussion ensemble. So Ali is saying that also I believe, that using either consonance or dissonance in your harmonies could also be effective.

    But your use of dissonance and your melodic choices are indeed quite well suited to the rhythms you have and I am certainly not suggesting that you change that, I'm not trying to pick apart the combination that you have presented here at all. I just feel that your rhythms are a very strong feature of this piece.

  • Hi Ingo,

    great analysis, you are certainly right in that some of the features of the piece, especially the rhythmic ones, can be reused in a different context. I did not find consonance or dissonance very important here, more the aspect of harmonic direction (which is of course not a new idea in the historical meaning).
    Many greetings
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