• Hi Steven,

    It has an improv quality to it and meanders around in an amiable and interesting way. Some of the chord/harmony choices early on seemed weak to me (stronger choices I felt could have been made), but perhaps that is a matter of taste. It goes along in a single mode, which for the length that it is, I think is ok, although a little more variety in tone and tenor I might have found enjoyable, particularly I would have liked to see it dip down into lower registers, but again, that may be just a personal preference. Thanks for sharing it!


  • Thanks for your thoughts.  I agree that the harmony at the beginning is a bit facile, and perhaps should have been done differently.  As for wanting more variety, I also see your point there, though this is the second in what I hope to be a series of six or so short pieces, so there will be more variety from piece to piece.  Thanks again for listening!

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