• It's a pleasant enough piece - although I tend to avoid chromatic sequences doesn't mean I can't appreciate someone who does and the harmonic progressions are pleasantly interesting 

    But...this should be longer, more developed. The orchestra doesn't enter until about 2/3 the way along and then just doubles the piano's underlying harmony. Just a suggestion - that it could repeat the piano theme while the piano elaborates in various ways. Is it possible to introduce a second subject?

    Is it in B flat?

    Anyway, if the first movement appears I'll give it a listen!

  • Mike, I've just listened to this after listening to the 1st movement a few minutes ago. This is very short and underdeveloped in comparison but has a superb opening theme which could be developed into something quite beautiful. I really do like the way you write and think you have a great ear for melody. I am quite sure that when you have developed all three movements into a concerto proper that I for one would listen to it over and over again.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I echo the sentiments expressed above.  The beauty and delicate nature of the theme could lend itself to being developed akin to the 2nd movement of the Grieg Piano Concerto (one of my favourites!)  As it stands, it feels more like a musical interlude...a moment of reflection rather than a complete movement.  Thank you for sharing and continued success!


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