Piano composition - Second Home

Here's another piano composition! This one was based on an improvisation and is lyrical but has a simple accompaniment. Feel free to let me know if I should make a more complicated version/change up the left hand more, and if so, how so. When it comes to aesthetic tastes in terms of how simple/complex something should be, I find it can be a hard issue; sometimes, things are made too complex for the sake of it, but complexity potentially can add another layer of musical meaning and depth.

01 second home.mp3

Piano Improv 1st - Second Home.pdf

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  • I think you have an excellent harmonic language - very natural impressionistic touches and harmony in 4ths, etc. The score is also very well set out apart from minor mistakes.

    It's hard to base a whole piece upon an opening phrase and you do so well for the first half or so of the piece. After about half way through I longed for a new type of motive or a change of mood completely. You add variation by harmonic twists and turns, but somehow that's not enough and I wanted something different from the descending phrase.

    But on the whole I thought it was very good and natural sounding; just a bit too drawn out.
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    • Thanks for the comments! Even though it is written out, this one in particular was a one time through improv (one take), so I feel pretty comfortable revising it at this point, although I do have a soft spot for this sort of more repetitive sound in my own preferences. I like the idea of moving away from the motive half way through the piece; it seems with improvs it's hard to be between having a too much consistent theme and "too little" (although this is more debatable for me). I like using improvs to find an especially natural sound, so it sounds like it'll be good to add complexity and theme change in the second half for a revision!
  • Thanks for listening to my comments. I can completely see where you are coming from and how it is improvised. I just feel that it need some break in the middle with a totally different type of theme, and then a return to the descending phrase. Please check out my music when you get a minute too.
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