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                       Hello, George Abbott here.

                Since first starting the composition of this piece I had the idea of building a concerto with the help of other music talents from around the world. Sort of a cooperative effort. I have had good response from friends and many other pianists and musicians throughout the world. Thank you and please keep it up. Also keep in mind this piece is in no way finished as there have already been 3 endings so far, it has gotten longer by 5 minutes from the first posting and it continues to get larger.

        Weather you are a player composer or a computer musician composer I appreciate you midi files sent to my email. Thus far I have added 3 of the files to the latest additions in the piece. If you are writing using a notation program and not a digital keyboard or instrument capable of velocity expression, please add the required or desired expression and or accents that would be heard if played by an instrument. I can not use FLAT or DULL sounding files made with certain notation programs that sound synthetic and lack expression or mood.

    Thank you Arnold from HOLLAND for your low brass sections. They are in this piece.

        I am open to suggestions or midi files for the rest of the piece from directly after the piano solo part. It is a slow transition into an almost allegro before the end.

             Thanks for your help.


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