Has anyone had any placements on networks like ESPN? What are the rates per minute of music (range)?

I had a really big placement couple of years ago on ESPN Asia for the audience of over 300 mil people. It was a live event (opening and closing ceremonies of a major sports event) with around 2 hours of my original music, and had at least one re-run that I know of. So I had over 240 minutes of my music aired, and it was not background music but featured music on a big stage with dancers etc.

Unfortunately my music publisher fu..d it up (pardon my french but I hope you understand why it is here...), even as I managed to get all cue sheets from the producer on site, together with channel (ESPN Asia). But they never managed to get my royalties because they forgot (?!?!?) to register my music on time (I found that, eventually, 4 years after when I was trying to get to the bottom of it).

I am at peace with not getting that money now, and it was a really well payed, even over-payed gig after all so I decided to move on.

But now I have some other things going with the same publisher and it would really help to get a sense of the apx amount that I could have collected from 240 minutes of music aired on ESPN Asia.

Does anyone have a clue? It is OK if you miss even a lot as I don't have a slightest clue. I only do placements here locally in Croatia on networks that cover 1-2 million people so I really can't guess what amount of money can be collected for public performances on satellite networks with such large audiences. 

Thx :)))

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