If anyone out there wants to know more about writing extended techniques for percussion, I have been playing contemporary music on percussion for a long time, and have written many pieces for this troublesome group of instruments.  I thought I would throw the offer out there if anyone might need some advice!

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  • He's wearing a tie. Dead giveaway, I'm afraid ;/
  • Photo is of Dmitry Shostakovich.
  • I changed the picture, so there would be no confusion!
  • I am doing a report on extended percussion techniques.  Any examples would be great!

  • I think percussion is fascinating. I would like to know more. :)

  • I have a ton of experience composing as well as performing contemporary music on percussion instruments.  Do you have specific questions?

  • Thanks for the offer.  Do you have any thoughts on bowing, especially any unexpected instruments (beyond the usual vibr/glock/cymbals) you've found bowing most effective or interesting for?

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