Added a pdf with a hasty transfer to that new program, MuseScore, attached below as a pdf for anyone interested in that. Spent 1 hour on it, but should be readable I think the relationship between the three instruments, it is not trivial but easy, it is a way of thinking when it comes to repetition (with variation) or recursion in music. 

Probably interesting for few. :) But usable

Should add all the staccatos on the clarinet for v2.

The performance went well, I recited the poem to the music and people hugged me and thanked me afterwards. About 1/10 of the crowd cried. Swedes don't usually tend to do that in the open.

The old writings:


One of my best friend in Stockholm (a neighbour) passed away in insulin coma last week. There will a secular memorial on saturday.

The folkish piece (almost Slavic, or no?)

It is for cello and piano, and there is an accompanying clarinet that is not necessary, though there are some nice voiceleading parts when it plays.

It is a not atoo complicated piece - in terms of "theory", for three instruments, piano and the others bass and alto/soprano string or woodwind or....

There is som contrapuntal/ fake-fugue-like repetition and recursion here and there, dunno anyone will notice. But I study Bach at the moment, Isuppose it influence the music.

Thanks for your time! And it is nice to back on CF again!




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  • Thanks Quinn! :) For your thoughts on the piece and the welcoming!

  • Added a hastily done pdf of the score, done with MuseScore.

    Should be readable, but it lacks staccatos. :)

  • It sounds beautiful: it looks dreadful. It's not notated well (e.g. a note of one value tied to a note of half the value of the original should be dotted, expression marking should be in the middle of the grand staff, score order should be Clarinet in G (recommend Clarinet in A, because Clarinet in G doesn't exist and A has a warmer colour than Bb) then Violincello (can be written as Cello) then Piano). It's not needed, but if I were performing this, then I'd like to see the note values and the tempo doubled, as that will make it easier to read without changing the relative tempo (e.g. a quarter note at 30 is equal to a half note at 60: your work has 16ths and 32nds all over, and it might be a more accessible work if such a change is made).

  • Hastily put together, . :) I attempted copy/paste of the midi, and thought it would be an easy task to correct artifacts and bad notation manners afterwards. Took an hour to achieve this, and it "looks dreadful" as you say.

    Tempo noted! And I will heed your advice on the rest. Getting rid of all the 32nds is priority 1.

    Thanks for your time.

  • No problem. I aim to help not hurt: sometimes I think/feel some folks on here love to go from work to work to work on here leaving all their dislike and hate for the universe onto colleagues' works.

  • Better attitude than some others.. :)

    Will fix an update on the score during the next few days. Feel free to review it again at the time, if you feel like it.

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