• There is a lot to like in this. I enjoyed it. I think the clarinet, in passages after 2:00 and 3:00, comes alive and steals the show (in a good way, most of the time). The cello in this always sounds outstanding, and conveys real depth of feeling. The piano, almost throughout, has an unassuming personality and role, I feel which is right. I like the the use of pizzicato in the second half of the piece, in dialogue with the piano.

    I also think the piece begins well, as each of the instruments enters and adds to the texture. Piano, cello, violin, and clarinet last.

    My only suggestions are as follows:

    1. The voice of the clarinet in the passage after 1:05 sounds a bit too shrill to me. It even makes me wonder if this should be a quintet, with an oboe or English horn, playing where you have the clarinet playing in high registers. Also there is, to me at least, something more like a "fish" in the sound of an oboe-- there is something small and fish-like that is missing because you ONLY have a clarinet, and no other woodwind.

    2. The part of the violin could be more vibrant in some way. That seemed to me like the only instrument that wasn't "using its potential" so to speak. The violin seems to have a bit more work towards the end, but I feel I either want more violin, or I want the violin to do something more dramatic. (It's like the clarinet is working too hard, where it plays high-- not always, of course--,and the violin is taking it easy, which seems to create an imbalance).

    If you look at the score carefully, and pay attention to the preponderance of notes in certain registers, and the ebb and flow of that pattern, you might get an idea of how this could be adjusted.

    Another thing I did like, was the sense of flow, during the passage from about 3:30 to 4:45.

  • Thanks for your time. You are right about the issues you mention and they should be corrected or altered in a later version (if there ever will be one,)

    I'm happy, you found a lot to like in it!

  • I like it, it's dynamically interesting. Nice Work.

  • Thanks Justin for your time on this one, and happy you like the dynamics!

  • You are welcome. It was my pleasure to listen, Per-Erik. I thank you for posting the piece.

  • Well, who should thank who. Will upload another one now with the same instrumental setting.

    Hope you enjoy it as well. :)

  • Per Erik,

          This is very nice, but I like the other piece better.  I feel like you fall into a pattern with less variation.  Right at the end the pattern changes and you introduce a new theme.  I would have liked to hear that earlier.


  • THere is a "form" or plan for these pieces. These are the first I did. There are a few otheres. Hopefully the plan will develop into something more coherent for the listener and me.

    Both (and others) are based on two themes (that I try to blend together in a well done compositional way at the end of the Fishing-piece. It is hard to do, Especially when it comes to the polyphonic stuff that disturbs a great deal. (They are melodic motifs within the other material.)

    THe Demon dance has a little different concept or idea behind, but I'll try to put it all together to something useful.

    A new theme at the end, btw? There are two themes in major keys (I think I change the key in the middle) that are the fudnaments.

    I would like you to point out a time when this new theme is presented, if you have time. Thannks! :)


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