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Hi Everyone,

Earlier this year I spent some time on the northerly coast of Cornwall in the UK and wrote this piece about a piece of headland -- Pentire Point. It is scored for full orchestra though has a concerto feel for piano and some of the other woodwind instruments that are feature quite heavily.

The piece is available on my soundcloud page: and also on my composer forum page:

Thanks in advance for taking a listen and Merry Christmas + HYN... :)


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for taking a listen. Its part of a ballet I have been writing for a few years called the Black Rose. I'll revisit the 6:35 section and see if I can find some scope for development. My personal reasons for writing are complex but I spent time in Cornwall over the spring last year and was inspired by a piece of headland called Pentire Point.

Thanks for listening. 


Thanks Frederick. Any thoughts on this piece in particular?

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