This is a piece I wrote a couple winters ago.  I was playing around with Sibelius 5 woodwind samples at the time, and this was the result.  Updated it to Sib7 sounds and (attempted to) re-balance the volume, and add/tweak the dynamics.

Also, after Bob Porter's reverb input on the other piece I uploaded here, I followed his advice and reduced the reverb across the board on all of my work.  It was a great suggestion so a big "thank you" to Bob!


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  • Most of my music evolves from me simply playing around with instruments and chords.  I believe this piece started with the low piano chords and me thinking "ah that's nice".  After arranging the first 8 bars with strings and the guitar, the melody just kinda jumped out at me.  

    As for why I wrote it....well.  Now and then I'll get a burst of creativity and in itch to write something.  Other times I'll hear a melody or chord progression in my head that I really like, or I'll be listening to something and get an idea from it.  Most of the stuff I've created began with me just playing around with different instruments, and seeing what sounded good to me and what didn't.  In the process of doing that, I'll hear something that I really like and just go with it, and see where it takes me.


  • I really enjoyed this, very emotional, you seem to work in a similar fashion as I do, find simple chords then work from there and get emotions out of it. Great piece, I'd love to hear it played by a real orchestra to give it its full potential.

  • Nathan,

         This piece has a nice flow, good combination of instruments.  For variety you might start a phrase on count two or three

    instead of count one.  I agree that sometimes you may have an idea for a melody, but other times it is better to let the music take you where it wants to go.  Usually what is in my head is only a start to where a piece will end up.


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