Patxi's Ghost

Hi All,

Here is a new song I wrote - Patxi's Ghost. Please share ur comments & feedback.

The story goes like this...

On the way back from a late night movie, as I walked past an old building, I heard faint musical notes. I ventured inside; It was an abandoned performing arts theater with broken chairs and old orchestral instruments, covered in cobwebs. I felt a bit nervous being in there when, BANG! The door behind me shut itself! Torn curtains glowing in the moonlight swayed eerily. A chill ran down my spine. My heart raced as I felt an other worldly presence. A whispering voice called out...

"To play a tune i wait
a curse that trapped my fate
your ears must pay them heed
so my spirit maybe freed"

The ghostly instruments concocted a complex rhythm and I heard the voice again, singing those haunting lines. It was strangely calming yet mysterious. And as the music came to an end, I felt I set her spirit free... for small fireflies like particles surrounded the instruments and they vanished into thin air! 




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  • Thanks Emily & Ingo! Im enjoying thinking about blending story, sounds and orchestral music to create interesting auralscapes. 

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