I'm looking to set these lyrics (specifically written for this) to this piece (and to make this legible). :

no rider no sword no rearing like warriors in the flash of war no saints in these times of harsh signs flickering rain we gather like star dust caked in mud whispering lust we'd rather forget the pain of old lies if only we could for a moment with no regret dance solo beneath the sun naked as truth dripping wet with ripe deep blue but such is not to be our saints have passed on the threshold they stand one foot in the other out this our world they gaze across our brow like cannons we dare them fire! fire! take us down one by one! but our saints have passed gone from air their threshold shut we alone undone by desire must move on without them


Also, how do you think the triple stops will sound?

Our Saints Have Passed.pdf

[Your Poem Here] Inteded For Live Performance.mp3

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  • I tried retro fitting the text to what you have, it doesnt fit. 

    Also you vocalist and instrumentalist are constantly out of their ranges, and the rhythms will make understanding the text virtually impossible to understand, let a long sing. 

    Rule one of writing vocal music: Always write the music to fit the text, never retro fit the text to the music. 

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