I put in the first disc and selected 32 bit gold, as advised, and when it had finished it said "needs to restart before it can be reconfigured", so I restarted.

When I was up and running again, I put in disk 2 and all it gave me were two folders full of 'silver' instruments with no wizards to give me instructions.

So I took it out and put disk 3 in and it said "gold upgrade installer" so I double clicked that and it errored on me.

What am I doing wrong?
I'd really appreciate some help on this. I've been itching to use EWQLSO Gold for years, and when I finally got it. My computer broke down and I had to replace it, so it's been a bit of a long journey.



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  • Dear Simon.

    I'm with Per Erik on this one, really.

    I admit to not having used East West itself, but I've used Sampletank and Kontakt and others and they all seem to work along the same principles.  Basically, they're controllable jukeboxes.  First of all you install the jukebox, then you tell it where to find the records (the samples). 

    So - you're not having to install the library, as such.  As long as you unRAR/unpack/decompress the libraries from their discs to labelled folders (technically it doesn't matter, but it helps if all the brass is in a folder labelled BRASS and so on) then the first time you fire up the player, in PREFERENCES there should be a way of either searching for the sample files (all the things you've just neatly put into little labeled folders!) or showing it the path to where the sample folders are (I don't know how much you know about computers, but by 'path' I mean something like C:\Program Files\East West Instruments   or wherever you decided to put them!) and it should then know where they are forevermore, unless you decide to move them, then you'll have to show it the new path. Once it's found them, it'll list them for you.


    Something to remember which I've only just found out is that even though they're all listed, the only ones that are in memory are the ones you've chosen to actually use. Why knowing this comes in very handy is because the built-in effects in these players, despite what the box might say, are usually cr - ah - not very good! Sampletank gives you a ONE BAND equalizer and compression that doesn't dare press down too hard on a sound incase it breaks a fingernail. If, like mine, the DAW doesn't recognise two sounds from one instance of East West - so it thinks they're one sound and will only put external plug-in effects on BOTH of them SIMULTANEOUSLY, you might find yourself using a separate instance of the player for every sound you want to use, just so you can put your own plug-in effects onto them. That's what I've discovered I have to do with Sampletank so I've learned this one! I can use up to 8 instances of Sampletank at once, each with 1 instrument in. The thing is, the amount of instances isn't memory-dependent, it's slot-dependent. The program will have a set amount of slots to hold VSTs and once they're all full, that's it, folks. Doesn't matter how much memory you have left, no more holes means no more instruments.


    Hope this has been of some help. 


    Yours respectfully



  • Thanks Christopher,


    Under any normal circumstances, I would agree with you.  But East West were in class of their own.  I've got it sussed now, but it took me the best part of two months, and even now, I've got one or two minor hiccups.

  • Hi, I think we've all had problems when installing this software.

    I actually had to contact them direct and they had to send a replacement disc out because mine was faulty, so perhaps that's a reason?

    Also, I've had it for 8 months and still can't bring myself to use wordbuilder. Maybe i'll post this in another forum because it's so complicated, I just can't get it working and i've had so many people tell me to do different things, so annoying!

    Good luck with your problem! :)

  • That's just so true.  I've sometimes had software for a year before I've had the confidence and time to use it (Finale, for instance).  Wordbuilder sounds horrifying, especially after what I've just been through with their orchestra.  And it must have been terrible with a faulty disk, because you don't know whether it's the disk, the sequencer, the computer or you that's at fault.  Sort of puts my problems into perspective.

    And, now that I've got the main jist of it, I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of samples to choose from, and paranoid that maybe I could have made it sound better another way.  My head's in bits. 

  • Dear Simon.

    Sometimes that's the problem of having TOO MUCH choice! At least if you've only got one set of sounds,  you know you've made it sound the best you can (current computer knowledge taken into consideration!) If you've got, like, 2000 possibilities, you're overdosing on permutations all the time.


    I've just become the proud owner of Omnisphere. There's 6 DVDS of it COMPRESSED! I've had to buy it it's own hard drive. And I'm going to be in exactly the same situation as you when I get to understand how to actually use the beast. Every time I pick a drone, I'm going to wonder if, hidden amongst those DVD's, there's another one that would have fitted far better. 


    If you REALLY want to have fun, download a legit. freebie called Autogun. It's the free version of Ogun. It literally - and I mean literally - makes up presets as it goes along. There's so many of them that there's entire FORUMS devoted to cataloguing the possibilities - 'Hey, peeps. Try 1105693 - it sounds REALLY good with 2105324!' If you can't choose from sounds in East West, I promise you Ogun/Autogun will have you buying yourself nice white jackets that button up down the back in no time!


    Yours choicedly



  • Good Morning Simon.....

    Yes after you install the first installation disc, it should open up the path of the location of the EWQL directory. (Make a note of this path)....Then take disc # 2, 3 and copy and past the contents of those discs ( .DLL files) into the directory of the first disc. There is no auto install off of disc 2 and 3. So the good news is you are doing nothing wrong here. You just simply copy and past the .dll files.

    After the install, then use the registration tool found under Start\All Programs\East West.

    I hope this helps you out... if not, let me know!!




  • Thanks Stephen,


    I've actually managed to get EWQSO Gold installed now.  After upgrading my DAW to 64-bit, and then getting Steinberg to let me use Cubase SE3 (they're gonna send me SE1 which I'm really familiar with) instead of Cubase 5 Essential (I just couldn't get my head around it at all) for my former 32-bit projects.


    My only problem with it is getting used to the DXF patches and trying to give expression to the notes.  Sometimes the mod (either wheel or cc) will increase the timbre of the crescendo without increasing the bloody volume.  But not all of them are like that.  And sometimes, when I try to manipulate the notes on Cubase key editor (slight overlaps for legato) and short loud notes for staccato, it will sustain some notes and miss out others.


    Nevertheless, I uninstalled 'play' completely this morning (not the samples, just the engine) and directed 64-bit to Cubase Artist 6 and 32-bit to SE3, and so far (fingers crossed), the note sustain and note subtraction problem will have gone.

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