This track started out as a basic idea on the piano, and I built it from there, and created this song, which in my opinion, is my best music I've written. But tell me what you think! What I can I do to improve it? Here's it on youtube: And a direct link:

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  • I like it. I agree with ray about the percussion being too dry. I feel that the orchestration of the section at :40 is a bit confusing. I don't know if it wants to big or small. The drums come in and it sounds like it's going to be epic, but all the low instruments cut out. As a kind of fake out, it works fine, but then the successive drum build ups don't really serve any purpose... maybe just have the first of the 3 drum build ups and leave out the other 2 drum buildups. Or, you could leave it the way it is and have more of the orchestra come in at the end of the 3rd buildup... low brass maybe.

    Also, I think there were a couple opportune times where the piece could have modulated but didn't. If it was scored for film, then whether or not it should have would depend on what was going on in the scene, but as stand alone music, i think it would have been more interesting if it had.
  • Listening to this piece you can tell that you know what you were doing when you were writing this piece, i like the use of the choir especially at around 1:40
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